Ningbo Yinzhou Zhantuo(Micromill) Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturers/suppliers of car washing, we provide car washing OEM&ODM/wholesale, car washing price. Promotional microfiber cleaning cloth makes a really effective refreshing new way to advertise. The Microfiber Lens Cloth is the promotional gift that keeps giving.As I already mentioned, I have stopped using chemical cleaners thanks to this amazing cloth, because I dont need them to get things clean. 3. The Norwex microfiber cloth is

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Microfiber cloth is ideal for use in cleaning glass or any other materials as it is typically lint-free. Whether you need a high-quality piece of cloth for wiping or dusting your car.Microfiber cloths are recommended for the application of PureGreen24.The microfiber cloth will clean the surface while you are disinfecting.These awesome microfibers cleaning cloth comes in 12 packs of different colors. They have an incredible grip making the cleaning process very easy.